Which ZLATAN SPORT are you?

The ZLATAN SPORT series includes a range of products with everything from hair-, face- and body products to liniment balm and sun lotion. ZLATAN SPORT is made for men who seek quality and simplicity when it comes to skin- and hair care. The fresh and sporty scent gives you the energy to perform on top throughout the day. Scroll further down to listen to Zlatan himself speaking about the importance of keeping a routine both when it comes to sport and in business.


ZLATAN SPORT is the first fragrance serie under the SPORT category and includes a range of grooming products for men seeking quality but with a simple skin- and haircare routine.  ZLATAN SPORT includes products for hair, face and body so that you can use to keep your right routine! 

ZLATAN SPORT features scents of fresh citrus, ginger and peppermint on a base of woody and marine notes. The fresh and sporty scent gives an energy that both can be felt and seen. 

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ZLATAN SPORT PRO is the second fragrance under the SPORT serie. An invigorating, sporty scent with a warm and spicy undertone of masculine depth and character. The top notes are of fresh bergamot, ginger, and green tea with marine accords and aromatic cardamom. Blonde woods, amber, oak moss and tonka bean give the base a sensual, masculine warmth.

ZLATAN SPORT PRO is a bold and decisive scent that suits any man who sees life as an adventure.

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New for this year! Zlatan Sport FWD is the new fragrance from the ZLATAN SPORT line. Fresh and energising with notes of zesty orange and green leaves, blended with elegant cedarwood and the warmth from vetiver and patchouli.

FWD is the feeling of moving confidently in the right direction with a successful mindset, ready for the day’s challenges.  
Prepare, be confident, move forward!

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Listen to Zlatan in the podcast below, talking about the importance of keeping a routine both mentally and physically to achieve your goals. 

- It is crucial to prepare mentally, this is how you strengthen your self-confidence. If you are not mentally prepared,
it does not matter how much of a talent you are, says Zlatan.

- Having a good routine also helps, and with my new fragrance FWD, it will be even easier to find the right feeling.